Safety Meeting, 2018

  • Safety Meeting 2018, ATV Winner

    Safety Meeting, 2018

    Burningham Trucking Annual Safety Meeting
    April 14, 2018

    Thanks to all of our fantastic drivers for another great safety in the books. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet as a team and discuss safety and our goals to maintain a safety conscious attitude throughout our fleet.

    Congratulations to all who qualified for the company ATV safety program with no accidents, tickets, or violations (accronym = ATV). Many of our drivers qualified to win (24). We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. The grand prize winner of the “$10,000 ATV” check raffle was Scott “trust me” Hansen. There were also six 49” flat screen TVs that were given away to runner-ups; Scott M, Danny P, “Dreamer”, Carl B, Kevin K, and Doug P.

    Again, congratulations to all of you who qualified and thank you all for your efforts and hard work towards preventing accidents, tickets, and violations. You all are truly the BEST in the industry!!!

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