Who We Are


We are Burningham Trucking, family owned and operated for over 30 years, providing excellent logistic solutions to our clients.


Welcome to Burningham Trucking! We are a family-owned business based out of American Fork, Utah. We are one of the largest pneumatic and aggregate trucking companies in the Rocky Mountains and we service all of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming. Our services include pneumatic transportation of fly ash and cement powder, key ingredients in concrete. We also transport aggregates, primarily sand and gravel, to concrete batch plants. Other services include: mining and quarry operations, oversized load transportation, as well as a full size truck wash with a three bay repair shop.

Since opening business in 1988, Burningham Trucking has made it a priority to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide only THE BEST and most genuine customer care. Customers often compliment our team on our quality of service and reliability. In order to ensure that our customers have the best customer experience, we continually upgrade our fleet to keep up with the latest technologies and constantly revisit our policies. With our comprehensive maintenance program, our clients benefit from clean, fuel-efficient, well-specked equipment with maximum cargo capacity and minimal equipment downtime. Our trucks are operated by competent, professional individuals who are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Contract Burningham Trucking for your hauling needs and not only will we Haul Ash for you, but we will provide you with remarkable service that can’t be duplicated.


Brothers Gary and Jeff Burningham began Burningham Trucking in 1988 with one truck and a lot of dreams. Jeff would drive during the day while Gary, who was finishing his degree in accounting, would take the night shift. As soon as Gary graduated from college, the two brothers purchased a second truck, hired their first driver, and Jeff returned to school to finish his degree in Accounting.

It has been over 30 years since the Burningham brothers purchased their first “Big Rig” and put each other through school. A dream that once consisted of merely one truck and a lot of hopes has now grown into a thriving company with more than 100 vehicles.

It’s the brothers’ passion for trucking and strong family bond that has grown Burningham Trucking to all that it is today. Because of their passion for engines, motors, and anything with a clutch, it is not unusual to find the two brothers out working alongside their employees. Gary is often mistaken as a mechanic as he enjoys throwing on his old coveralls and getting his hand's dirty fixing whatever he can get his hands on. Jeff, on the other hand, will often take a trip down memory lane and climb up into the driver’s seat to personally deliver loads to customer locations.

This just proves that you are never too old to play with trucks.

Our Mission

At Burningham Trucking we seek to truly add value with each customer by developing relationships that mature into strategic alliances; we seek to meet each of our customers’ needs by cultivating an environment that includes management interaction; we seek to utilize reliable equipment in a safe environment operated by competent, professional individuals who are committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.